1000 Songs in Your Pocket

The iPod’s claim to fame would be its impressive ability to hold 1000 songs yet still fit in an average sized pocket. 1 The first iPod was roughly the size of a deck of cards yet the iPod would hold up to 1000 songs. One can see the size of the first iPod to the left image. According to the Apple website, it would take up to one hundred compact disk to equal the iPod storage compatibility. It is easy to see that it would be much easier to grab an iPod on the go rather than a stack of compact disks. Never before has there been such a large selection of music in such a small space.

This ability of having 1000 songs in your pocket changed how people would travel with their music. The ability to have 1000 songs in your pocket would revolutionize how and what people listen to. One of the first things that changed is that people could now carry their entire music library in their pocket. People no longer needed to decide what tapes or CDs they need to take with them because they had their entire music collection with them. This has had a number of effects on how people listen to music. People who owned an iPod no longer limited to listen to music pick by other people via radio or even CDs. This is because people have no power to change what is on the radio or what songs are on the cd they buy. This has made music a great deal more personal and private but most importantly mobile.

1. Rae-Duppee, Janet. “Gadgets galore: Audio/Video.” U.S. News & World Report 131, no 22 (November 26, 2001): 68

2. Photo from Apple Computer, Inc. . iPod . 2001. http://web.archive.org/web/20011130083929/http://www.apple.com/ipod/ (accessed Nov 23, 2011).


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