The iPod over the years has evolved into many different forms. From the iPod classic to the iPod Touch, the iPod has become a huge success. The iPod has been a very lucrative product for the Apple Corporation. Even though iPod had the ability to hold 1000 songs, have fast download time through Firewire and the capability to make music more personal, alone none of these made the iPod successful. It was the union of these technologies that made the iPod dominant in the mp3 market.

The iPod by no means had a massive advantage over its competitors. Rather, the iPod had to fight to be considered one of the best digital music players on the market.  The Apple Corporation had to deal with many other competitors who also promised fast downloads or small sizes. However, Apple integrated all these ideas into one product. The iPod may not have been the most powerful mp3 player at the time but it was the best rounded of them. This would later bring huge success to the ailing Apple Corporation and then establish the iPod as the standard of mp3 players. 1

The iPod success has greatly impacted how people use music today. The ability to take most of one’s music library in their pocket has helped make music portable while the iPod’s technology such as Firewird made it more user-friendly. In today’s world, the iPod has transformed from a cool gadget into, what many people believe, a part of one’s body. Although there were many advancements in music technology over the years, it is the iPod that has fundamentally changed how people listen to music in our current age.

1. Mossberg, S. Walters. “Sonicblues’s Rio Riot Is a Bigger, Slower Rival to IPod.” Wall Street Journal – Eastern Edition , 2002

2. Photo from Apple Computer, Inc. . iPod . 2001. (accessed Nov 23, 2011).


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